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[A $400 value if purchased separately.]

Finished Record! Post-Production, Vocal Tuning, Vocal Production, Track Arrangement, Hook Arrangement, Mix, Master! You record the song, we make it an amazing record.



Mixing [Stereo 2 Track] - $150
Mixing [Full Stem Track-out] - $175
Mixing [NO POST OR ARRANGEMENT] - $75 Revision Bundle (3) - $50

All mixes include light post-production (Basic Track arrangement, light vocal tuning & production, light hook arrangement if needed) and Master (One courtesy Master Pass).

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So you have your song mixed. Great. Now it’s time to Master.

Mastering is one of the hardest concepts to grasp, but basically a Mastering is the final step in producing a record (song) that optimists it to its highest listenability level.

Mixing adjusts the record RELATIVE TO ITSELF. Mastering adjusts the song RELATIVE TO INDUSTRY STANDARD.

Spechouse Creative has countless Billboard, iTunes, Chart-topping, records. We also continuously have records playing on the radio. We understand the industry and understand Mastering!

Loudness, thickness, taming of unwanted frequencies, EQ, Stereo imaging, limiting, vocal optimization, reverb additions or narrowing of the image...we use the highest level tools to make your record sound its best!

One last thing: Mastering of a SONG makes that ONE SONG sound its best. Mastering of a project or album makes all the songs sound their best WHILE still having a continuous, pleasant listening experience. So the Bass, Treble, Imaging, Vocals, and loudness is consistent while still optimizing each song to its full sonic potential.



The mastering engineer receives the stereo track along with some notes and reference songs from the engineer and/or the artists. This will help give the engineer an understanding of the sound that they are going for and so that the mix isnʼt altered in areas that are intended to sound a particular way. Then, the finishing touches are added to the song by making slight adjustments primarily to the EQ, compression, limiting, and stereo enhancement. All of the songs mastered on an album are brought to similar levels so the album flows and is cohesive throughout. Spacing and fades are added to the beginning and endings of the songs. Usually the Red Book standard of 2 seconds is added in between songs unless otherwise specified. Audio mastering engineers often offer sequencing services for albums to put the songs in the desired order, label track names, as well as encode the tracks with ISRC. The mastering engineerʼs primary goal is to provide a high fidelity, high clarity, professional sound that can be enjoyed by listeners on any source.

You could have a great mix without a great master, or vice versa, and still be unable to achieve a professional sound that can compete in todayʼs music world.

The line between mixing and mastering should never be blurred. Attempting to combine these two steps into one will only hinder your music and prevent it from reaching its full potential.