One More Song ft. ChrissyLane

Don’t You Know, Pt. 1 ft. V.Rose


Born in Sacramento, CA, Lamontt ‘SPEC’ Blackshire never knew he wanted to do music growing up.

One summer in McClatchy High School Spec got in so much trouble, that his mom put him on restriction from everything he loved. Which was pretty much Video games and going outside.

The only thing he could do was tinker with his little sister’s Casio Keyboard.

When SPEC returned to School as a senior, he could play piano and was writing and producing songs.

Upon graduating, he went to Sacramento State College. While there, he directed the Sac State Gospel Choir, began recording his first album.

Spec’s first release ‘The Committee’, went #1 for 4 weeks on 2 FM stations, won multiple awards, and gained him tour spots with Mary-Mary, John P.Kee, Kurt Carr, and more.

After 2 years in college, Spec acquired an internship at ‘Hitworks’ recording studio and a mentorship with legendary ‘Digital D’ (2pac, Digital Underground, Raphael Sadiq). Digital taught SPEC how to go from making beats to ‘Making Records’.

After working on Gangster Records for 5 years (Keak Da Sneak, Jay-Z, 50 Cent, E-40, etc.) Spec realized he could no longer serve two masters, and walked away from the secular music scene, his production deal, and his club band.He would give his entire career to God, changing his name from ‘Super Spectak’ to S.P.E.C. (Sole Purpose Edifying Christ).

Since that move of faith, SPEC has toured with FLAME, KB, V.Rose, This’l, Da TRUTH, and many more.  Seen on stages from SXSW to CreationFest East and West.

SPEC has also become one of Christian music’s top producers, become a staff producer for Clearsight Music’s GRAMMY AWARD NOM ‘FLAME’ and, V.Rose.

This year SPEC releases his biggest project yet ‘VACANCY’. Stay tuned for more from SPEC, including 2015 tours with Tedashii, V.Rose, NF, and performances at SXSW, Kingdom Bound, Rock The Desert, and more.